Thursday, 2 March 2017

Free 3D Point Cloud Viewer utility

3D Point Cloud Viewer

If you have a passing interest in 2D/3D digitizing, reviewing point clouds, creating your own homebrew scanners or any other data capture projects you will understand the need for a lightweight point cloud viewer. You will also understand that you don't want to purchase expensive software like Geomagic, or LeiosMesh just to review captured points and you certainly don't need the advanced capabilities of surface meshing or advanced measurement and editing tools at this early stage either. 

If like me you have lots of small files with captured point cloud test data that you just want to see quickly, then this is where this utility comes in handy.

  • View full colour point clouds (single colour point clouds if no RGB available).
  • OpenGL
  • Rotate, pan and zoom
  • Interactive point size ' fake solidify'
  • Data scan dimensions and statistics
  • Visual axis On/Off
  • Lighted/darken brightness (slow on large sets)
  • Hardware vertex shading - Select 'green solid type shading' for single colour point clouds

Download the free utility here:

Executable, example scan, file format descriptions and Freebasic source code available from the link.

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